Safe Span, LLC provides bridge and structural inspections for federal, state, county agencies, including privately-owned bridge structures, consistent with National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS). These range from routine and interim inventory inspections to in-depth or even emergency inspections, including underwater inspections, fracture critical inspections, storm drains, retaining walls, noise barriers, bulkheads, piers and other marine structures. Safe Span, LLC also provides construction and engineering (CE&I) inspections. An additional service we provide is collections for various types of roadway items including, but not limited to signage, utilities, bridge, traffic signal, crosswalk collections and more. This data can be input into a GIS database program.

Our inspection teams are available for, and have experience with, emergency situations such as flood-related damage, vehicular or vessel impacts, and sudden critical defects. In addition, we understand government agencies have limited funds to maintain their infrastructure inventory, and our firm can help with a cost-efficient maintenance, repair and rehabilitation plan that will protect their investment and extend the usable life of the structure.

Safe Span, LLC has team leaders who are highly trained and certified bridge inspectors with certifications in all types of roadway construction, including more than ten years of inspection experience ranging from complex bridge crossings to small drainage culverts. We perform routine “hands-on” and specialized inspections such as rope access and underwater bridge inspections by experienced in-house divers. Services include these types of inspections:

  • Routine inspection
  • Fracture critical member inspection
  • Confined space inspection
  • Interim inspection
  • Emergency inspection
  • Scour inspection & evaluation
  • Underwater inspection
  • Pedestrian bridge inspection
  • Rope access inspection
  • Parking garage inspection
  • Sign collections
  • Historic bridges and structures
  • Bridge scour analysis

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County Bridge Inspection Outsourcing





Private Bridge Inspection





Parking Garage Inspection




Stadium and Arena Inspection




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Marine Structure Inspection




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We use the latest technology and equipment to improve the efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness of our field crews. Specialized equipment and rigging allow access to areas of bridges that normally require traffic lane closures, thereby minimizing disruption to the traveling public.

Safe Span, LLC has performed bridge inspection services for on-call and scoped projects across Alabama and northwest Florida.  We can mobilize an inspection team for an emergency response.


Inspection Types

  • Simple & continuous steel I-beams, box beams, trusses & girders, including curved girders
  • Reinforced concrete beams & slabs, including voided slabs & T-beams
  • Prestressed concrete beams & slabs, including AASHTO I-beams, box beams, voided slabs, bulb tees, and segmental box, both simply supported & continuous
  • Reinforced concrete box culverts & arches
  • Stone & masonry arches
  • Timber bridges, bulkheads & piles

Other structural types include:

  • Retaining walls
  • Noise barriers
  • Bulkheads & other marine structures
  • Parking garage
  • Stadiums